no gender is entirely lesser Dr. Veronique Lankar, PhD is recognized and remembered by history for having made conspicuous steps in advocating for the place of women in the realm of Physics and related sciences. To describe the kinds of heroes who were outspoken in the field of physics without mentioning this hands-on researcher and discoverer or enduring knowledge is obviously incomplete. Among the most vehement ladies who wanted female representation in the area of physics and advocated that their voice were worth listening to, this learned, educated and highly experience woman occupies a significant place. Her name being internationally renowned and infamous, it is high time we reviewed some of the outstanding works by Dr. Veronique Lankar, PhD.

Why should Dr. Veronique Lankar, PhD be remembered in the Field of Physics?

The latest days of revolutionary in the attempts to transform the understanding of various concepts in the area of physics, many scholars emerged to support the works of earlier proponents such as Newton. Others came up in opposition of the works of these earlier researchers. However, not all of them is commemorated in the same way. A few individuals like Veronique whose work found resonance in the modern society cannot be left out for they are in the ranks of the works of Newton. And because of the exemplary courage uncommon amongst women in any average society, tribute must be paid to this outstanding lady scholar of her time.

What are the works of Dr. Veronique Lankar, PhD commemorated today?

Dr. Veronique Lankar, PhD did not just approach her work from a single dimension but from a multi-dimensional point of view. Apart from writing tirelessly and communicating her points not only through books but other avenues as well, a review of her laboratory work speaks the language of her untiring spirit of commitment and exceptional dedication. And she did not stop there, for she was the one who in her own inimitable style gathered the courage to bring women together in what she opined to be the movement that could saw women's opinions regarded with equal measure as men's opinions in the area of physics. To add on this, the fact that she generally matched the efforts of men physicists in terms of ideas and opinions which manufactured a history for her implies her indifference with the global heroes commemorated on an annual basis.

Concluding Remarks

If you have ever interacted closely with any source that portrays the works of Dr. Veronique Lankar, PhD, you will agree that no gender is entirely lesser than the other This is a fact that might have been known earlier before this outstanding lady rose to show for it. However, it was until she practically demonstrated this fact in her attitude and style of work through commitment and persistence that the world has come to think of women in the area of physics and related sciences differently.